So, like I mentioned the other night, Joe Biden (whom I no longer support in any way (for a whole host of reasons)) has let the effort to discharge student loan debt (over $1 trillion in 2021) fail miserably. So, anyone who is going to college, who doesn’t already HAVE this money (tuition, housing, books, etc.) on hand, (which, most people don’t), shouldn’t even *consider* taking out a non-dischargeable loan (not a word? too bad!) that will haunt them for the rest of their natural lives. nnGo bankrupt? Student loans still hang on.nnNeed to consolidate? Nope. Student loans (+ interest) remain the same, no matter what.nnGo to prison for 20 years and can’t find work afterwards and are not even allowed a library card? Your student loans are still there expecting to be paid.nnMake money now? Congratulations! Your loans are past-due and the Department of Education will be garnishing your wages now.nnIt’s financial suicide! nnAnyone who is being sold a bill of goods (usually by their parents) that college is the “way to get ahead”, needs to inform their parental units that such (bad) advice comes with a price tag, and that they (the parents) either pay up or shut up – pay for every dime of the college experience as the student is attending (no loans of any kind involved), and then and ONLY THEN is college a quasi-attractive proposition. Every other dead end road is a path into Hell. And that’s all there is to it.nnMe? I am **sooo** glad I bailed on any type of (community) college before I got to the point where I needed loans. But even *I* took out a $1,000 loan at one point (which is now paid back), but that is so. damn. small. compared to the TENS of THOUSANDS, or even HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS so many *other* people are on the hook for (and likely always will be). nnDon’t be “one of them”. And don’t be like me, either. Avoid the education system as long as you can (which incidentally *can* be forever), and live a free life, instead.nnBack later

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