Been here for a few hours now. Listening to Lacy Mae (one of the dogs) whine, but that is OK. nnAlso, I watched *The Inventor* again, incredible documentary about…fraud. Haha. Crazy how crazy Elizabeth Holmes is, really.nnNow, I am sitting in the silence of the living room, in the glow of the Xmas Tree, after having had iced coffee and a bowl of Presbyterian Mixture (outside), and just relaxing.nnAlso, an old friend of mine, [Andreas]( has informed me that he is returning to, so peep his blog out, and say hi if you can :)nnAnd, I see that has a December 2021 release date(!!), so that is exciting. Look forward to seeing what [Matt (Baer)]( releases for Pro users to use soon. Fun stuff!nnTonight, I need to SSH into the VPS and update some stuff, but I don’t think any genuine development activities will occur this eve (too many (dog-related) distractions). But, we’ll see.nnBack later

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