I've been taking Motrin for a few days, due to the bum tooth, and Motrin has NSAID in it (a chemical that is not good for the heart, can produce blood clots, etc (from what I hear)), and I don't like the very idea of that, so when it came time for me to take another Motrin, I walked over to my friend, Steven's, apartment and requested a couple of Aspirin, instead. He had them, and I took them with an Ice Mountain bottle of water, and I am already feeling "looser", better. I wasn't experiencing any type of chest pains or heart palpitations or anything like that, but the very idea of me just piling on Motrin after Motrin, coupled with high-nicotine pipe tobacco or/and black coffee made me feel like a reckless fxxxhead. Of course, the tobacco will never be a wise/good idea, and the coffee could sometimes be made a bit "weaker" (or not as bold/strong), but...it is what it is. Motrin, I basically always want to avoid, or any type of pills - be it Tylenol, Motrin, Aspirin, or Flintstone Vitamins! LMAO! (the latter I took when I was very young).

Anyway, onwards and upwards with the day