![](, not takeoff. It is a train. But, the situation Now is, we are going to be delayed in Minot, ND. until at *least* 8:00 PM tonight, but likely 11:00 PM. They (the Amtrak staff) said, if anyone wants to go get lunch/dinner here (meaning out and about in this (small) town), to go ahead and do so, but to be back by 6:00 PM to be safe. nnI already went to Sinclair. Got smokes. And the cafe/snack lounge will tide me over for whatever. nnI WILL get some sleep before we started moving again, though. I had vertigo this morning, and sleep deprived a bit. I had another coffee, so I should be ok, for now. nnAnyway, the photo above is my pack + random bits sitting on top as I tried to rest momentarily, then I thought I’d snap a pic. There we go. nnBack later.

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