…I have coffee and listen to Paramore. The song? “I Caught Myself”, which was/is only on the *Twilight* movie soundtrack and never saw an official Paramore release on any of their albums, even though it is one of the strongest songs they recorded.nnAnd of course the coffee – delicious. Tasty af ;)nnNo special/incredible updates for me throughout *this* day, but I think the past eight days has seen all the excitement I need for a while, haha.nnAnd to be honest, I do not feel like talking (writing) about it all at this point. I am still readjusting to regular/day-to-day life, and feeling overwhelmingly grateful that I am not chainsmoking/starving on a bench along Idaho Street in Kalispell, Montana. Or sleeping in a wheat field along a bike track on the edge of town. Or shooting the shit (talking) with random strangers or/and vagabonds in line at a food pantry in that same town, trying to get some rations to hold me over, that can fit inside my backpack so *actual starving* did not occur. nnOf course those were *some* of the hardships contained within May 1, 2022 to May 8, 2022 – but there were also hopeful pedestrians, friendly Westerners, optimistic Native Americans, people who made their life *about* longterm travel.nnFrom being up sxxx creek without a paddle in North Dakota, and being as sleep deprived as I have ever felt in my life, to the absolutely majestic mountainsides of Glacier National Park, and the open/good soul to worked at a “shelter” in Kalispell, MT. who arranged a FREE bus voucher back to STL (as it was a service that organization offered to stranded “vagabonds”).nnGood things, bad things, some things that outweighed others – but overall: not worth it, more trouble than it was worth, and WAY more CONS than there were PROS.nnBut, it happened. What are you gonna do?nnA moral (to any of it)?nnDon’t jump ship and do radical shit just because boredom becomes more pronounced than usual. nnIs *that* a good moral? I hope so, because it is all I can come up with.nnSo I will go with it.nnback soon

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