as I play mess around with morning coffee and wake up for the day...

...I poke around with computer crap, as I tend to do first thing in the morning. Be it hammering out a fast blog post, glancing at my Standard Notes lists, or whatever, I just fool about while I start to wake up.

This morning, I went ahead and dug into a couple photo albums I have in Documents, and I went through about 40 photographs and gave them official names/descriptions (instead of like "Screenshot-jwbcfiuw").

Then, I imported four photos to Apple Photos, because I wanted to make some touch-ups, and then saved those locally, and then uploaded all four to the "In Vintage" album of Google Photos, which I plan on printing out into a nice photo BOOK called, yep, In Vintage. And they are "in vintage style", but are not actually vintage in any way (all snapped within the past couple years).

Then, I looked at the sidebar of my Finder on the MBA, and I removed Dropbox and pCloud integrations, as I never use them, and just use the web clients for those services, instead. I also removed AirDrop, because that is not a thing I care to use (I'm sure some people "get" what it is about, but I tend to think it's a less-adopted type of tech that Apple offers, and will go by the wayside in time).

So now, my sidebar looks like this:

....Just "right click" on an item, and choose "remove from sidebar", and it is gone forever (or until one figures out how to put it back, lol!). I guess there is no limit to what stays/goes? I'm not going to find out, because I need/want all the items here (actually, iCloud Drive can go - I never use iCloud for anything, if I can avoid it, as it just isn't necessary for my needs).

And, I dug into the ProtonMail settings and changed all my default e-mails to be Monospace, as well as plaintext, because someone I read online suggested as such, and had decent reasons for why one would want to go plaintext-only. Drew DeVault set up some reasons and some how-to's on, so that is kind of fun. I will see if it works out.

Back to messin' and foolin' and carrying on with my day :)

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