As "B" and "F" prevails, as it always does

In the last post, I wrote six possible scenarios on my approach to writing, and what may come of them. 2 and 6 (letters B and F) won-out. Meaning I will just ignore the existential crisis that arrives every so often, and just move along like nothing matters.

Anyway, I did laundry. It's finished and I changed clothes. Sipping Dr Lou now.

Sunny day with shit to do later. Mainly fetch cigs for Neighbor "S", see what he is up to.

So a decent evening ahead. And a bright afternoon now.

Kind of got spun into a depressive mode after the last entry, because even though it was poised and presented as a hypothetical, the more I dwelled on it, the more hopeless I became, and I don't need that.

I feel ok now.

No mail yet, but it'll be here soon enough

I'll head to Neighbor "S"'s place around 4:30.


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