I feel (and perhaps others do as well), that there is a severe lack of proper articulation in the world, in regards to expression, concern, and even outrage. Like, what is meant to be said, and what is implied when words are spoken/written, are not "coming across" in a proper manner. Almost as if many others (those with a non-sympathetic/non-empathetic approach to life and it's circumstances) have a type of selective hearing that favors and accepts (or pays attention to) praise and positivity - but are rather tone deaf in regards to legitimate criticism or adversity.

This falls on many shoulders, but the end game is to not blame the blameable (which probably isn't even a word), or even find a direct/immediate solution - the end game (to me) is to simply continue to live, continue to act/react to this scenario, and to be as open and understanding as humanly possible with all beliefs perspectives of/from other people's lives. If for no other reason to just understand where people are coming from, what their issues and concerns are. Even if I have nearly no power to change most or any of it - I would at least see, hear, and comprehend what their position is.

So, maybe empathy (more of it) can serve everyone better? No one's an island, and ignorance always comes back to bite the ignorant.

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