I saw a video just now on YouTube from Herb Reichert, editor of Stereophile, and just an old school audiophile guy, in general. And he is a painter/artist, and he talked at the end of this particular video (which I think was titled "how I create my art"), about not so much his "explanations" but "intentions" with his art (his paintings, in this case). And he said something really cool at the end. He said that some people buy wall art for the money factor, as if to say "look at this big beautiful thing that I can afford!", and he said that his art was more akin to "look at this beautiful piece of art that I can understand", and that he, the painter and the patron (the viewer of the painting) "dance this dance of understanding - and it is a beautiful dance".

...and it made me think of human nature, and understanding, and understanding elements of human nature, and how understanding those understandings sometimes makes one feel more human, and everything is just sort an observance of...something. Something great.

On another note (not that that wasn't a fine little paragrpah there - I may have to save that one), I have decided to basically "detox" off of Tylenol and Motrin. I decided that about an hour ago, after getting continuous cramps and sort of "loose muscle spasms" (which is a thing that tends to happen after a couple days of continuous painkiller/anti-inflammatory use (and it has been weeks on these damn things!)). So, it is time to kick them to the curb. The nerve-endings in my tooth are dead, anyway, I am sure. And the mild headache(s) in my cranium will persist (again, mildly) no matter what I do, because it is an infected thing in my mouth, so...yea. I call to start the ball rolling for antibiotics tomorrow AM, and that will be a very good thing.

So, the "detox" method will be the same as per usual for getting my system "clean" - eat plenty of fruit, get iced tea with lemon, keep the pills down to the bare bones basics (so, a psych med, a stomach med, and a Vitamin D supplement (as I am low in V-D)), get plenty of exercise (both at home and hiking), etc. And of course, drink plenty of water :)

back soon