So, the indigestion from earlier reached a breaking point, and I got sick from it. Gross, of course, and it sucks when that happens, but, I am almost used to it by now, as I have had Barrett's Esophagus for over a decade now. It's a rare esophageal disease, and one that can become cancerous without dietary changes (or/and lifestyle changes), but the pre-cancerous cells that had formed in 2010 or so have now been deemed non-existent, because I have made a lot of dietary changes in the years since then. I get an upper-endoscopy every few years, and get a biopsy done, and there is never any dysplasia (which is the word they use for pre-cancerous cells).

Anyhow, the upside/silver lining to getting sick, is always feeling much better afterwards. Which I do. Relieved, anyway.

I guess that's all I got for now. Back later.