…and balcony sitting. Because it is amazing what can be accomplished via a smartphone and a data connection :)nnI called and arranged a ride to the grocery store tomorrow, so I am not constantly trekking back and forth to the store. Though the daily treks will likely still happen. I just need to start the “TAKING STOCK” shopping trip(s) that I mentioned in a blog post from yesterday. nnAlso I have a pricey-ish item listed on CL at the moment, and I just renewed that listing an hour ago + changed the wording of the listing – made things more clear and concise so there is no confusion. I also mentioned that anyone interested (or if they just have general questions) can contact me *through* CL. So, hopefully that item sells quite soon. nnAnd, as mentioned, I am sitting on the balcony listening to birds and seeing neighbors come and go. The #stlwx is delightful today, so I am enjoying it. nnBack soon

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