Or, blog post.nnAnd some coffee to accompany it.nnGot the Xmas tree lights lit, even if they are not on the Xmas tree (instead they are bundled up *next* to the tree, but I was to lazy to put them away, so I will figure out *something* to do with them). I also have the Santa Claus lit, and the faux fireplace going, as well. All looks good :)nnTherapy in the afternoon tomorrow (via Google Duo), so that will be cool. Nothing too pertinent to discuss in the appointment, but there won’t be many silent moments, either. I always get on a tangent about *this* thing or *that* thing or something or other. The appointments go well, and I enjoy them. Good stuff.nnNow, just working through this coffee and having a Lucky. My moms gift arrives tomorrow via FedEx (fire extinguishers, haha), but the tobacco order still hasn’t left Richmond, VA. So that kinda sucks. The Ralph Lauren order shipped, too – no idea where that’s at.nnBack later

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