another wake up at 3:30 AM

And I had coffee, and a small sandwich (which will be breakfast, I suppose), and now a diet pop. So the day has started.

I am expecting a trashcan to arrive through UPS today. It made it's way to St Louis, and when it gets here - assembly (if required), trash bag insertion, and then kitchen placement. I am thinking I will put it just inside the kitchen, to the right of my apartment entrance (hooray, 430 sq ft!) so I do not have a 12 inch diameter metal cylinder taking up space between the pantry door and the refrigerator door (again - hooray, 430 sq ft!).

Will be nice to not have to take out my trash every single day, not that that part bothers me, it's just that it fills up fast, and in the Winter, I don't like to go out in single-digit temps, especially with ice, so I will let multiple bags pile up over two+ days, sometimes, and this bigger trashcan means it will just mean one trashbag that is very over-loaded. But the real draw is the lid - keeping bugs, gnats, or whatever else away from the fruit/food scraps. They tend to congregate there, and become a gross nuissance in the Summer. I have no bugs/vermin in my apartment, but it is humid Missouri in the Summer, and bugs can/will get in my apartment at random times.

I also realize that this ends my activity of consistently keeping every single plastic grocery bag I get from Schnucks and filling a deep kitchen drawer with them, in order to use as a "trash bag" in my small, dinky, petite office trashcan, that has been my go-to, main trascan in my kitchen since late-2016. I realized early on that no matter what I got from Schnucks, it meant double-bagging it, because that would give some "rigidity" to the bag(s) when used for trash duty. But now, I am just buying 80+ count Glad trash bags from...wherever, when bags are needed. Sorry, Planet Earth.

Anyway, looking forward to receiving this thing today

In that corner of the room, I see the eight photos on the wall. Ones that I had printed from Google Photos at a local Walgreens (with a grand total of $3.40 for the printing! Cheap!), and recognize that I have to print out eight more, so I can populate the eight cinder blocks right next to the current photos. I sort of align them "center-cinder", lol, and then there is something on that wall to stare at. Shots from downtown St Louis, Pevely (MO), and one from here in Oakville. Most of them are from my time living in St Louis, though, because there's more photogenic stuff out there.

All in good time

back later

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