As mentioned [in my previous blog post](, I needed/wanted another fresh air break type of walk, so I went to BP (again) and made the dark, hobbled journey to the gas station, and bought smokes and a Mt Dew Code Red this time (the cherry version of Live Wire, as I call it). And now I am inside relaxing as Friday morning approaches. nn**Health**nnI feel MUCH better than I did last night. I am no longer “poisoned” by Tylenol and Orajel (I later learned I wasn’t supposed to use Orajel more than three times in a day – I think I used it seven times yesterday, so that might have had something to do with it). I also don’t feel “sickly” and nasty like I did throughout yesterday and last night. Just rejuvenated, energized, optimistic in general.nnSo I’ll leave that at that.nnAlso (almost unknowingly), I am glad I finished my laundry early this AM. I was “out of it” when I was doing it, but I am glad it’s done and I can check that off my To-Do list.nnThis weekend, no plans. Tobacco arrives Saturday (apparently – it hasn’t left Richmond, Virginia as far as I can tell) and tomorrow the faux fireplace/space heater arrives via Home Depot 🙂 Very much so looking forward to receiving that. nnGood times

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