![](…from the same location in Oakville Shopping Plaza. I didn’t plan that, I just *happened* to have a nice view of the sunrise from this spot when I snapped the photo. I compared yesterday’s photo and today’s photo, and they’re from the same place. Weird. Coincidental. Cool.nnThe sunrise is different, though. Admittedly, it looked cooler/nicer yesterday, but that could have all changed the second I walked away after snapping the photo today. The sky does what it wants. I didn’t look back to see if things were different when I made my way home, though – because I don’t look back :)nnIced coffee was bought, the store was near empty, the air was sticky, the parking lot, mostly vacant.nnI walked home, regretting the choice of wearing a sweater, as a t-shirt would have sufficed. nnWalked in, poured coffee, started writing, and here we are.nngood morning, all

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