Tried to walk to Dierbergs again, but even though the roads/parking lot had been salted (generously - almost no ice!), the sidewalks had not been touched, and of course I am on-foot, so after going about 15 feet up one side of the sidewalk, I decided that is was nothing more than an slippery, step-by-step gamble of "will I fall, or won't I?". So, I turned around, and returned home to my nicotine gum :/

Still, the salt is important, because tomorrow I am supposed to meet with the moms to do a few errands, and at that time I will use my Dierbergs giftcards for cigs. For today, stranded inside.

I am actually ok with the nicotine gum for now, I think. I mean in due time I will need a cig, but I am alright as it is, I think.

Now, more coffee.

back soon