Been overcast for four days here. The sun is in/out sporadically as of this morning. Mostly out. The Brake Lawncare crew has descended upon the apartment complex property, and every little hedge, and branch, and nook and cranny of the property is being trimmed. There must be 30 dudes who do it all in four hours. Fast.nnI went to Schnucks real fast, avoiding puddles as I am wearing sandals with socks. Bought a 1 Liter Diet Dr Pepper and a Lemonade/Tea Half & Half beverage, which I am saving for later.nnThe tobacco order arrives in the mail today, and I cannot wait to break in the vintage Weber pipe. Until then, it is non-filtered cigs out on the balcony, which I don’t really have any complaints about, either.nnNew things, cool things, great things – who knows what the day will bring? nnback soon

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