Well, not *totally* sleepless – I managed to get four hours of sleep from 10 PM – 2 AM, but still, not enough. But whatever, I will probably sleep after my booster later on today. I am going to go to Great Clips and get my hair cut (dapper, short fade) at 9:00 AM, and then head over to Schnucks for the booster, which I do NOT have an appointment for, so I might be waiting a while, but how many people are *actually* getting the booster at *that* Schnucks in *that* time window anyway? Chances are, it won’t take long. Then (while I am still at the grocery store), I buy some grub. Fruit mostly. Bananas, avos, and that is it, because I have other stuff to eat here. I just need/want fruit. nnNow, I am on my second cup of coffee, writing BS (as per usual), not knowing what the hell about anything.nnLife is weird

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