A somewhat eventful night, in many ways. Freeing up abundant amounts of headspace, choosing to work/build/make/have fun with projects I actually care about, instead of stubbornly just deciding to finish it/them - THAT is a priceless decision, indeed. I learned no "real" overarching lessons from any of this (other than to be less stubborn) - I just learned specifics, know-how and (some) skills. It's a good confidence boost and one that I needed at this juncture in my life :) And I am 100% ready for "The Next Thing".

Anyway, as for Right Now, I am just hammering text while (still) propped up in bed, resting my back, taking it easy, not screwing myself over for the busy day that lies ahead tomorrow. And I will not move, or even really do, anything at the 'rents tomorrow. No cleaning up, no moving totes, nothing that requires significant physical activity - just continue to take it easy.

Time for rest now, I think.

Back later