Not an interesting night, mind you - just a night that will be put down as a night that I am hammering text after sunset and ruminating on...anything and everything. So, yes, a night of words and opinion, as this is primarily what this journal consists of - and that's fine. My "opinion" of the night, though, is nothing special, and I guess it concerns that of - coffee.

I am making coffee right now (the flavorless/odorless/lifeless Dollar Tree instant coffee that has no kick nor punch), and having poured the three mandatory scoops into the mug (mandatory because any less would be like drinking flavorless murky water), I think how I could step-up my coffee game a tad, if I wanted to. But I don't really want to. The Schnucks (instant) brew I get from my local grocer (Schnucks, of course!) does the trick A-OK, and it has a lot of flavor, and three scoops is essentially espresso - bold, dark, heavy, dense, delicious.

But something else comes to mind as I write this (which is totally unrelated), and that is; celebrities and celebrity culture. Back yonder, I used to eviscerate celebrity culture on a blog (which I was fairly "good" at - it just wasn't a "good" thing I was doing: trolling people of high (and low) pop culture status). But, I seem to feel less "at ease" now than I was back then with how those of fame, status, celebrity, and overall cultural influence conduct themselves. And what I mean by that is; I am "turned off" by a person telling you/I/anyone how they should live their lives, or what "is cool" at any given moment, or doling out advice in the media or online, or having any say over anything at any point for any reason. I mean, we are all human, and I am not one to piss on someone's parade in regards to "hey, I have a thing to say - so let's just go ahead and say it" - I am fine with that. But what I tend to dislike (more than anything else) is the response from people/fans/the media/whomever that sort of have a (cosigned) attitude of; "yep they (celebrities) are better than us, we had better listen up!". And then people (the masses) follow in lock-step with what is being told/sold/made up, and kind of (in a way) just "do the bidding" of such and such of influencer because they are of that level of influence.

So, influence is a thing that exists in the world - OK, nothing I can do about that. But, it still completely sickens me when I see normal, good, average, and (otherwise) respectable people just lose. their. shit. when the person/people they happen to have a personal penchant for, says something publicly, and then this "normal" person just sings their high praises, kisses their ring, and builds a damn shrine in their home to "pay tribute" to so and so because so and so expressed an opinion on a thing that "makes sense" to that "fan".

Overall, what I am coming around to saying (as the coffee has kicked in), is that I dislike when people "bend over" for a famous person. Who "goes gaga" for no logical reason. It's silly. Respect always has been, always will be, a two-way street. If people (who have self respect) are privvy to how to treat another person with respect - then an egalitarian exchange of respect occurs, and the world is a more pleasant place. Anything else is mearly idol worship and undignified.

But, again, influence is a thing that exists in the world, but I just happen to be grossed out by those who "take it to the extreme" - be it those kissing the ring, or having their ring kissed.

That's my take. Noted. Moving on. Back soon.