9:37 PM, sitting here having a Lucky, thinking about life. No epiphanies happening this eve, though – more of an existential ponderance (not a word?) more than anything :/nnSo, the hotspot (from Cricket Wireless) – I am going to have to go INTO a physical Cricket store in order to obtain one, unless they fix their half-assed website and allow me to checkout online (which isn’t likely, because their site has been broken for years). So, I will either go straight to a Cricket store, or, get a third-party mobile hotspot somewhere online, and make sure it is Cricket Wireless compatible (as I would just start a new SIM/number with Cricket, to keep things simple), and go from there.nnBut, I am not sure when I can do this, as *good* mobile hotspots cost hundreds of dollars + I would be springing for a SIM that would cost $60 per month. I can handle the latter, but the former would put me in a financial hurt locker, so I will probably have to refrain from the purchase until January. This definitely sucks, because for the time being (while using a Proxy on the MacBook while tethering to PDAnet+ from the Android phone) I cannot SSH into my VPS *and* I cannot do a lot of git stuff that I was jumping into when this whole fiasco with the PDAnet+ app started. There’s a *chance* that they update the application on their website, and release a (good/stable) version of it for macOS Monterey, but for the time being, I am going to explore other tethering options that are available, as PDAnet+ seems to be in the process of sunsetting it’s service. nnI will report back.

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