another neighborly visit with Neighbor "S"

Walked the circumfrence (fuck spelling that) of The Port apartments, in the heat, humidity, enjoyed it. And as I came through the parking lot, soaked in sweat, I saw Neighbor "S" perched upon his stoop, smoking. I waved myself over - or HE waved ME over - we waved to one another, and up the stairs I went to greet him, bum a smoke, and chit chat about the world and how we see it.

No new breakthroughs in the life and times of humanity in that convo, I'm afraid. Just shittin' through a 45 minute block of time and cigarette smoke - the breezeway gusting with vigor, the sun beating down on the pavement out of reach of the shadows.

After a time, I realized that I needed to eat, as the post-walk hunger was ever increasing. So I bid farewell and now I am home.

I'll make something to eat soon. I don't know what.

and I'll update later

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