No epiphanies happening here, just some black coffee with the sun rising (which will happen fairly soon). Me leg is de-hobbled (somewhat) and less spasm-y, my now my ankle is continually swollen, and I need to keep it elevated throughout the day, I decided. I will haul the desk chair over to the easy chair in a bit, and prop the leg up on the desk chair as I sit in the easy chair, and let the healing begin :)nnGlad the spasms are gone – dog gone were they bad! Like having a shooting cramp with every step.nnSo, I will make my (slow) way to BP at 9:00 AM, when they open, and get a couple soda for the day, and sit inside and just take it easy for the most part. I shouldn’t be walking, really, but soda *are* necessary, in my opinion, so they will be bought. The rest of the day though, elevated leg healing, haha.nn*And*, I will remember to drink plenty of water, too. Because hydration is key to *any* recovery, be it a workout or a hike or just exhaustion. Very necessary.nnDespite the lack of walking/hiking, I am at 211 pounds right now, which is awesome. I haven’t hit 210, yet, I don’t think since I started to lose weight from 244 in late-2019. 33 pounds lost so far – good deal, but definitely more to go. Me, my doctors, everyone, wants me at 190 for my body type and height and everything, so that is where I will get to. Good times!nnTime for coffee

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