Overcast, cold, and dry outside. I say "dry" because everything was dry "in mood", so to speak. Kind of desolate in a way. No neighbors, no people walking their dogs, I didn't even see squirrels (and there are a boatload of squirrels in this neighborhood!). So, I made the walk to BP and picked up two sodas and a pack of Lucky Strikes, and when I got home I tried to call the moms so I could "FaceTime" (or video chat via Google Duo) with my Great Nephew, who she is babysitting at the moment. No answer, but I might get a callback. If not, that is OK, as I will see him this weekend at the family get together (Saturday, I believe).

Also, I took the antibiotic of the morning (Day 7), and did the usual blog rounds in terms of what was written in the past several hours. Kind of like a routinely morning news cycle, only it is a blog cycle, and usually doesn't pertain to "news" or current events in any way - just what people are up to and what they find relevant. Sometimes traditional news creeps in there, and I just skim over that most of the time.

Laundry was not done (yet) this AM, and I may opt to do it sometime this afternoon or early evening. In fact, the "AM" is over, so I can only do it this afternoon or early evening, haha. I lost track of time and now it is past noon. Laundry must be done though, for sure.

Also, I decided I will try to use the HELM Bolt DAC/amp with the Android phone instead of the Mac at some point today. I assume the minor skipping issues and short pauses that I am getting from the Mac is either related to tethering, or the actual configuration of the device with the Mac, itself. Always some configuration with the volume controls, or playback settings, or bit rate, or some other issue that prevent music from just playing naturally (and smoothly) from the device. So, I will try using the rig with the Moto G7 Power and see how that goes.

And, the cadet hat arrived via USPS today, but I didn't fetch it from the mailbox, yet. I will do so in a minute here. I will probably do that when I start laundry, as well as deep clean the kitchen, and take out the trash.

Keepin' busy. Back soon