6:15 PM and I have turned off the AC, but left the sliding glass door open - allowing fresh, clean, good air to fill my apartment. I will leave it open throughout the night, because the STLWX will remain good. And I am also looking forward to the floor fan arriving, as well. A great thing to have in the Fall/Spring.

Tomorrow, nothing on the agenda. Just a jaunt to Schnucks for a few grocery items and a haircut. As for today, I just kinda "hung out", and got bills paid, and ordered the items I mentioned in the previous blog posts (floor fan, cadet hat, tobacco gear + $100 on the Linode account (which is not an "item", but it will be useful)).

As for Tylenol/Motrin type of "withdrawals" (or discomfort from non-use), if there are any symptoms from it, it is mild and tame. I know that my brain and body feel more "solid", more "like myself", and more focused. When I take Tylenol/Motrin or any other type anti-inflammatory, I feel sort of "weak", and "wobbly", and less happy, in general. By not using them, I simply feel like myself (which is good).

Anyway, life is alright. Back soon.