![](, this almost looks like a “professional” blog post – a photo up top, tags at the bottom, a regular “theme” or “series”. That’s my job now, I am a professional “laundry blogger” 😉 Sort of a sub-genre of “Mommy Blogger”, only focusing on a single element of the tasks at hand for a mother – only, you know, without the kids, or lifestyle, or being of the female gender.nnBut yea, I’m finishing up laundry, and like all laundry days, I snap a photo of some random crap in the laundry room and post it on the bloggo when I write as I wait for the clothes to finish drying. The clothes were long overdue for a wash this time around. They’ve been “fermenting” for about a week now, and I am down to a pair of jeans and a tank top shirt. It will feel good to put on regular/fresh clothes again. I’m scum, I know it.nnAlso, the new punker/bowling jacket could use a wash. I got it for free from my friend “S”, and it was fairly filthy upon receiving it. I will wash it next week, and then dry it with the heat OFF. Fun.nnAlso, some stuff got shared on [tmo snapping]( just a bit ago, and that’s a fun thing to keep up. More stuff will be put there soon.nnback laternn#laundry #laundryday #laundrywriting

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