The day has buzzed by, I spent most of the day writing on [](, but around 4:00 PM by thoughts/ideas dried up, and the subsequent posts afterwards all got deleted before I even started them. I fire the text editor up, write a sentence, and then: blank. Some of it has to do with being antsy, and having relatively high blood pressure (why it is up so high this evening, I do not know). I took three(3) Extra Strength Tylenol to remedy this (not that Tylenol is a blood pressure medication), because it *could* calm me down(?) (it has in the past). I am addressing this issue (BP) with my doctor in August, but until then, I guess I have to suffer through it.nn8:00 PM on the dot now.nnI’ll just wrap up this post because I don’t see it going anywherennback later

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