I know that sounds depressing, but I *am* glad I am done with this day. Been dragging on and on and on, and I got my delivery (+ my State ID), and everything worked out, so I am not going to complain. But I *was* frustrated throughout a good deal of the day, for sure.nnNow, no alarms and no surprises (please).nnI haven’t felt *quite* this discontent with (online) things in a while, though. I mean, I am perfectly OK with just getting online and writing out some stuff and then closing up the laptop and carrying on with my day, and that’s how it should be (for me), and how it usually *is*. And I hope to keep it that way, as well, but, I just suppose I wish I had more going on in *my* life, in my day-to-day activities. I mean web dev is fun/neat/amusing and all that (which is the point of doing it to begin with – for it to be amusing, and time consuming, and a good use of my time), but I sort of want things to be fun/neat/amusing when NOT utilizing a screen of some sort. nnJust my take. Back later.

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