I want to write something significant. Or maybe not. I want to write some ish that people actually *want* to read for THEMSELVES, and not just a series of entries that are usually to/from me (I mean, these entries are always *from* me, but they tend to be *to* me, as well).nnThe thing is, I never want to write anything outside of my own “box” – and that is, write something outside of whatever happens to come to mind in that exact moment. I sometimes plan something ahead of time, but, I need to like write “scripts” for my more public-facing blog posts. But then at that point, I am just **writing** the damn blog post! A double-edged sword.nnAnd as far as long-winded, “significant” documents (like an e-book or something like that), count me out. I will do a [zine]( every now and then, but that is when I am *very* motivated to do so (which hasn’t been for a while). I’m glad people download the zine (or at least look at it in the pCloud preview (though I think the numbers only reflect actual downloads)), and it makes me happy when I complete one (a feeling of satisfaction/accomplishment), but, it’s usually a full night’s worth of work to piece one together (usually not more than a single all-nighter to assemble one), and I have to have energy to do so, suffice it to say.nnMaybe I can do Issue. 6 soon? I’ll work on it.

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