3:00 PM. Getting dark(er) outside. Still waiting for the package to be delivered. Ironically, the warehouse where this package is coming from is in Fenton, Missouri, my hometown, and it is located at the *exact* spot where there used to be a Chrysler plant where my late-Father worked for 35 years. It’s sort of a warehouse/office park/industrial district now. nnAnyway, the #stlwx is terrible today. Cold, overcast, drizzling rain, yet totally *dry* air (almost no humidity, it seems). So that is a concoction of pure misery right there. I am running the dishwasher because A) dishes needed to be done, but B) to get some moisture level back in the air in my apartment, as I feel like this is some sort of frigid desert :/ The heater is set to 72, as well, and it seems to NOT be doing a very good job of keeping it at that temp. It drops to 71 and *then* kicks on and goes to 75 real fast, and then shuts down again. Not very consistent, I don’t think.nnI’ll be up late, BS’ing online. nnback soon

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