I slept 5.5 hours, which is good enough for me. So now I make coffee. And I open up the sliding glass door to let in some fresh air.nnStrange dreams, indeed. Hard to describe. They were neither *good* nor *bad* – just odd.nnThe coffee shall wake me up, though.nnAnd, I still await a refund from the Amtrak trip. Who knows what a “business cycle” or “billing cycle” is? In this respect, I have no idea, because there are never any “bills” involved with purchasing an Amtrak ticket – I needed one, so I purchased one from and it was sent to me through e-mail, and that is it.nn::sips coffee::nnDelish. Perfect start to the day.nnNot much else to say for right now. Just starting the day. So I will be back later.nnGood morning!nnnn

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