and with food, the Red Bull jitters fade off, and I come back to Earth

Man, every time I drink energy drinks, I am quickly reminded of why I dislike energy drinks. Too many jitters. Not in a  blood sugar sense, just in a high(er than needed) energy sense. Gross.

Coffee is not like this. Even espresso is not like this. I can be "revved up" on espresso, and just channel the energy and alerted-ness into some form of activity. With Red Bull, I feel so damn mentally stimulated/overwhelmed, that I feel like my physical activity (be it typing, or even blinking) cannot keep up with what my brain is doing. Weird.

So, all the taurine, ginseng, Vitamin B-1,000, or whatever the hell is in energy drinks are not my thing, at all. They were years ago, but not anymore.

Anyhow, I had some veggie pasta, and now I am starting to cool down, and get back to reality. Haha.

11:14 PM. Already. Feels like 8:00 PM. Time flies, eh?

back soon

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