Welcome to Friday. I am nursing a sore back (slightly) and a weak stomach (no stomach meds currently), but, I am also having coffee β˜•, which settles my stomach sometimes, and enjoying the medium-warm Spring evening. nnThe blog post comes via mobile this evening. Letting the laptop charge in the other room. I wanted to be near where the fresh air is coming in from the sliding glass door. nnIn the AM (later in the AM), I will do laundry . While doing so, I will run over to Schnucks, get more food for the day. Tonight, I will clean up the apartment in preparation for the leasing manager to inspect my apartment, because they need to check the structural integrity of the balcony, which I would classify as “poor/weak” in structure, but that’s the nature of everything at this apartment complex. No matter. nnBut, I *will* clean tonight, as I like cleaning anyways. nnBut first coffee must be had. Of course. nnBack soon

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