Sun is slowly starting to set, and I am in for the night. I will be doing laundry around 7:00 AM tomorrow, as per my usual laundry schedule, so a predictable Monday, indeed. And, I am making coffee, sitting at the writer's desk, enjoying the evening - life is ok.

Also, I stowed away a bunch of stuff in the walk-in closet, including:

  • the 'rents  Xmas tree (which I am sure the moms wants to keep, so that will go back over there eventually)
  • the tote containing the PA speakers, the Wii, the music stuffs, wires, etc. (I will keep that in my walk-in, because why should it go somewhere else for safe-keeping?)
  • the old mattress (which I will arrange for the Junk King to haul away, whenever I (and the 'rents, and whoever else) have a fair amount of stuff worth paying Big Money to have hauled away)

Eventually, I will put both totes (the other one being Xmas decor) atop of one another in the side closet, and free up the walk-in closet real reason - not like I will ever fill the damn thing.

But yea, I had too much stuff/junk strewn about the apartment. At least enough to keep the back of my mind and "headspace" cluttered with XYZ preoccupation. Weird how clutter does that to a person. Or to me, anyway.

Anyway, on with the night