I need to find a new theme for this blog in April. Even if it is a paid-for theme (a theme that costs money to buy, and not a free theme, like one I am using currently). I have one in mind, I like it quite a bit, and it is very similar to the "dbyll" theme I used on here for quite a while, but that theme was completely out-of-date with the requirements of the Ghost software, so I had to remove it and replace it with a compatible theme (the one I have on here now).

I don't mind forking out $25 for a decent theme on here, and I DO want this bloggo for a backup in case I need to leave W.a for any reason (mainly if I want to write continual updates if/when they have server issues (which happened a few times in the past, and even I couldn't access my own posts)). That, and I like the idea/practice of self-hosting this blog. It's fun. It's neat. It's liberating in spirit :)

But also, updates sometimes might happen more frequently on here than over on W.a, because I set the W.a blog to "Public" now, instead of "Unlisted", because I felt like I was in the mood to do so, and because I like people being able to comment via Remark.as and having those comments listed in the Public Remark.as "Cafe". Just a bit of interaction there from people I appreciate and enjoy. So I go with it :)

But, with a Public blog, means I update there less often than I have been over the past several days (I have been utilizing W.a as the go-to platform for about 10 days now). Once I set it to Public, I didn't want to just flood the fxxx out of the R.w.a feed with my dribblesome bullshit, so I update a bit less frequently and only put something up that I feel is more relevant, and notable. As where this blog (olry.co) can just get all KINDS of stuff put onto it throughout the day because it goes to no centralized feed of any kind. Just a standalone "journal".

I like both platforms at this point, really. I don't really feel "stretched thin" or "stressed" that there are two platforms to use (even though I am mainly focused on W.a for the time being, which may change at any time now). And I don't really take "blogging" very seriously in regards to "good content", and "useful content" and "high views" and on and on - it's just a journal I like to keep (or journalS, plural). I could see someone (anyone) being in a position where they have an ambitious itch to scratch and want to "get large view number" and have a "large readership" with their content (perfectly understandable), but I can't see too much of a point in that (for me, not knocking anyone else's viewpoint), because I do not monetize anything I write (anymore). So I am not making a living at this, so the views shouldn't really count, in my opinion.

Anyway, I'll be back soon