So, yesterday I mentioned on here, as well as over on that I wanted/needed to change out the URL for this blog (which I am self-hosting on a Linode VPS using Ghost blogging software) from "" to "" because...reasons. And, my world-traveling buddy Mike reached out and sent me a handy link to a site that had the info for me to do just that. In regards to the link itself, I didn't even have to click the link in the e-mail, because all the relevant info was included in the summary within the e-mail post body. It was geared towards someone using DigitalOcean, and I am using Linode, so I had to swap out the cd /var/www/ghost command with cd /var/www/user command, instead, but I figured that out right away. I also went ahead and updated the Ghost CLI while I was doing all that, and also ran some mandatory updates, and now things seem to be humming along smoothly :)

No "real" issues with the thing, except when I was logged in as the wrong user initially, but that was figured out soon after I DuckDuckGo'd the issue/error I was getting (which was: "Permission Denied: EACCES File...something or other"), which according to StackOverflow and a number of other places (incl the Ghost help forums) told me that I was needing to get into the right "user" in order to have the permissions to do such and such. Long story short, I got that taken care of quick.

So, that was a good/useful/productive use of time this AM, I would say :)

Coincidentally, I got a reminder e-mail from GoDaddy just after receiving the e-mail from Mike saying that it was "my last chance" to renew/keep the "" domain for another year for $45, which I just deleted the GoDaddy e-mail and went ahead with the "" configuration, and now I could care less with what happens with "" (hell, it wasn't even the real spelling of my last name!). I do kind of think it is cool that my username is olry on Github, though. Short names are cool for ish like that, but, only because I am a nerd about such things.

OK, gonna crack open a soda and update some stuffs

back soon