A day of rest and recovery. My left foot is less swollen than last night. Still a lot of swelling in *both* feet, though. Have the socks and sandals OFF for maximum “swell room” and to allow the skin and tissue to breath and react naturally to the elements (being my kitchen floor and carpet). Still some pretty prominent blisters on both feet, though. But they’ll heal.nnI made my way to BP and stocked up on Lucky Strike cigs, and got a couple of Mt Dews, as well.nnAnd, I have had my mind on programming/development. I need to hop into my VPS and do some standard ( `sudo apt-get` ) updates/upgrade, and also runs the updates for the latest Ghost CLI, and keep everything up to date with the blog. And then probably do an update over there. nnThere are other things I want to do, too. I was thinking of self-hosting StandardNotes, thinking I would just GET all the Premium features of the application by choosing to self-host (similar to how there are Pro features with WriteFreely is one chooses to self-host that would otherwise only be accessible through a Pro account (at least I think that is how it works)). I looked into it and it seems that by self-hosting SN, I only get the basic, entry-level features, and I would have to pay the Premium cost and use an access key/token to unlock the Premium features, even when self-hosting. Defeats the purpose of self-hosting, tbh. nnSo, I will not mess with it.nnI’ll find some dev ish to do here soon. nnBack later

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