Been two days since I have had a HOT cup of coffee! And *three* days since I have had my favorite go-to: instant coffee. Yesterday at like 6:00 AM I had a cup of Folgers Classic “camp” coffee, and that was it. Been drinking soda ever since (except for iced coffee, which is more like ice cream than coffee in my opinion, but…yea). So now, I am heating water for good, dark black, Schnucks instant coffee :):)nnI sit, and feel (not disenchanted) not connected to the Internet, in many ways. Not a whole lot happens in my corner of the WWW, and the rest of the Internet “Netizens” are doing what they do – “*using*” social media. I don’t use socials, but *most* people still do, and they generally just consume a lot of it (which is usually composed of furious journalists (Twitter), conspiracy theorists (Facebook), preposterous memes (TikTok/Snapchat), etc.). But me? I’m just *here*. Writing. There’s no feed nor fanfare to get some snowballing effect of readership nor “traffic” to this here bloggo, and it is (generally) ignored, and I am A-OK with this. I still write all the time, don’t I? ;)nnIn the end, the best things come from a person with little to no fanfare (or acknowledgement) surrounding their deeds/tasks. I saw people push through their own personal Hell in the military when they were going from out-of-shape civilians to hardened soldiers, and in the training environment I/we were in (which was OSUT (One Station Unit Training)), the BCT graduation ceremony lasted about two hours, no one saw the ceremony besides one another – the soldiers graduating and the Drill Sergeants who lead us there. No kudos nor flowers, just us. It was beyond humbling.nnI sort of see this blog in the same respect, in some ways. It’s (usually) just me, and 5-10 readers (usually) who “keep up” with it all, which I am forever grateful for. But the “motivators”, the “incentives”, the “drive” – it’s all self-propelled for my own personal desires. A form of self-correspondence which cannot be achieved with a simple journal. A public narrative of days passed and days yet to come. Sort of a sharpening, and then re-sharpening of the writer’s “blade” (or mind), without drilling it to the point of dullness.nnKat Von D once said “with every tattoo I do, I am, in some ways, getting better and better – even if the progress is slow and uneventful” – and I share this same opinion about writing (not *just* blogging – what the hell is blogging, anyhow?). It’s a slow progression that perhaps *I* only notice, but there *is* progression in the form which I want it to be. And what I mean by that is, I want the writing to be as candid, and non-filtered, and flowing, and conversational, and approachable as possible, and I may be “getting there”, or may already be there(?). Who knows?nnAnyway, that’s my bit for now. The coffee is delish. Be back soon!nn#writing

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