(to the tune of some song by Matchbox 20 which I cannot recall the name of right now (probably called 2:00 AM))

I just finished making coffee, and it is cooling now. I just woke up from sleeping around four hours, and it was a fairly restful sleep, too.

Tooth socket is ok. No pain whatsoever, really. Just a little bit of tenderness, and the swelling has gone away. I still have to be careful with it, not eat too much weird stuff with any type of small particles in it, but I can have soda now, so that is nice.

At around 9:00 AM I will walk to Schnucks, get a few food items for the day.

Weird how I have near complete lack of focus with the pelvic pain - it was 3:11 when I started writing this blog post, and it is 3:39 now. I've been sitting here smoking a cigarette and sipping coffee in that time, but I wouldn't say I was "indulging" in them, I've been more or less mitigating spasms/pain, trying to not be too uncomfortable.

Anyhow, the coffee was good. It will be warm and sunny today (thank Dog!), and I will pull through.

back soon