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I just read the latest post from Derek Sivers, because that is everyone's principle-based, good guy of the Web hero, right? He is a nice dude (or I assume him to be, I never talked to him in any way), but I decided to leave a comment on that post because...I willed myself to do so.

Here's a screenshot of the comment:

response to

...and all that is true. I refrain from most direct empathy these days (for a couple years now), because I could literally drown in people's problems and personal issues. And that fact that I don't have a lot of "things" going on to counter with, at least in regards to other things to talk about, or to "lift their spirits", they (other people) pick up on that, and use me as a sort of emotional garbage disposal to vomit out their core emotions and complaints. It's totally disheartening, and I can have a cynical view of the world sometimes, so I just let them work out their issues on their own, usually. I am an open ear to those who can control themselves, and can just moderately describe and illustrate what they have going on, but if they just unload their troubled souls onto me, I want nothing more than to walk away, and usually immediately regret ever listening at all.

But another remark I want to make about remarks: I had a nice e-mail exchange (two of them) with a couple folks this morning (both on the blogroll - nice dudes) about the element of Webmentions, which I wrote about this morning, or last night - fuck, I don't even remember when I hammered out that entry. And they were friendly/helpful about the tech details into implementing that protocol (Webmentions) should I choose to do so, but it is likely not likely that I end up putting it into play on I won't go into all of it, but e-mail (for me) is fine. And comments on people's blogs, if they offer them, that's fine, too. And perhaps the one-off occasion that I share a screenshot of one of MY comments as a photo here on this blog, for me to expand further on.

Anyway, onto more iced coffee and the rest of the evening :)

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