Friday night, and I am inside doing dev stuffs. Mostly because I am “old(er)” now (a week shy of 38), but really I didn’t go out and party and raise hell on a Friday night when I was in my 20’s, either. I was too busy trying to get my life in order from having had “too much fun” when I was a teenager, lol! Some people sew (sp?) their wild oats at different ages – some in their 20’s, some in their 40’s, some at 16 years old – I definitely fell into the latter party and went full-sail when I was 15-18, and thought I’d be dead by the time I was 21. So, I definitely took a more unconventional path when it comes to priorities, life, and life’s priorities as soon as I was able to make decisions for myself. At least in *hindsight* it looks like I took an unconventional path – at the time I was surrounded by a dozen (or more) other people my age who were just as reckless/irresponsible/and threw caution into the wind at every chance they (we) had. But now, looking back on it, a lot of people I talk to nowadays, I see that many of them were either in college, or hustling their way into some form of a career or whatever the case, while **I** was nursing a psychiatric hangover from half a decade of insanity.nnThat’s why I say the **Notorious News* blog saved me (which I started when I was a few weeks shy of turning 23) – and believe it or not, celebrity gossip (tabloid) blogs in general saved me! If I didn’t have that rise and shine, morning grind attitude to get the blood and brain moving with reading and then writing about tabloid news, I would have rotted in my skin and never would have made it to the other side alive.nnIn terms of future ventures (this blog, future blogs, or even web development) I do not expect lightening to strike twice. Like Wesley Snipes says in *White Men Can’t Jump*, “hell, even the sun shines on a dog’s ass every now and then” – I had a good roll in the sun in terms of what I set out to do, what I got done, and enjoyed every minute of it.nnDoesn’t mean the optimism and possibility is not there, though. As I mentioned about the WWW in a previous blog post (and about life, in general, I suppose) – opportunity is everywhere. Just have to be open to it. 🙂

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