An incognito blood orange leads to a pitch black stroll to the dumpster

I started dishes, and took out clean dishes, started coffee, and had a hankering for one of the oranges sitting in a mesh bag atop my counter. Out comes the CRKT Minimalist knife (real name, though it is small/minimalist), and into an orange it goes. But this one is different - a blood orange snuck it's way into this bag of organic navel oranges, so after removing the skin half off, I decide: "this seems dicey - like it shouldn't be here, what gives?", so I pitched it into the trashcan. I wouldn't have DIED if I ate it, but for some reason a little mental bell was saying: "don't eat that". So I didn't.

Trash-related, I am waiting on the trashcan to arrive from Target...someday. Delayed through UPS, but it will get here someday. But, with a trashcan full of fruit scraps and paper towels and other things, I made a trip to the dumpster, tossed it, nearly got lost in the pitch black dark, as this property has no real lighting outside. Nice night.

So I sip coffee and continue with it all. Put that in your pipe and smoke it! :D

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