Most things outside are frozen. Everything was soaked from two days of rain and then last night the #stlwx temps dropped to the low-20’s and now the teens, and there has been light snow in that time (no accumulation), but everything is *definitely* iced over when I look out the window. The sidewalk, the parking lot, the hoods of cars, everything. So, I am inside for the day, that is for sure.nnThe FedEx delivery? I sincerely doubt it has moved a single mile. That is OK (all things considered), but I have no clue if that is weather-related, or COVID-related, or supply chain-related, or whatever the hell.nnI got an additional four hours of sleep (from 6-10), but it is not adequate to have 4 hrs + 4 hrs like that. I definitely need the REM Cycle sleep in order to function at 100%. A new mattress will be bought ASAP.nnSo, them are the brakes for now. Had coffee, and starting up my day (inside). Back soon.

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