...for those of you who DO watch/read/pay attention to the news:

"what news sites/services/publications do you subscribe to or/and derive value from?"

For me, the answer is none. Zero. I used to think (back in the DAY - or, the "Beforetimes") that places like NYT, CNN, USA Today, etc. were like genuine authorities on impartial news coverage. Like they were "the few" that had not had their integrity compromised in any "big" way. But now, I see YouTube suggesting news, and it's usually CNN doing what I call "COVID Trolling", which amounts to: "so and so who was anti-testing dies of COVID", as if they are saying "see? Gotcha, jerk!" or "sure showed that person!". Like, could I just not see CNN rubbing an innocent death in a COVID victim's face? Is it "world news" that Anderson Cooper, or some other celebrity journo gets in their shots on a person who is deceased?

Of course, news publications/outlets will do precisely as they please, and vindicate their trolling and rage-filled stories with the clicks YOU or I or ANYONE gives to them. So, I don't partake.

But, who is an authority on neutral news in 2022? No one, probably. And the more I think of it (which is not often at all), it seems that the publications/outlets are basically at the complete mercy of social media, because they are the platforms (sometimes the ONLY platform) which a message is delivered. No one goes to the front page of CNN.com or NYT.com, or whatever the case. And (of course) "RSS is dead" (which I keep hearing, but isn't true at all). So, it has to be a social network that pipes this story or that story to the public.

Doesn't make any difference, really. I avoid both traditional and social media, so it is more or less an issue for them to concern themselves with.

So, if someone reads/watches an outlet (of any kind) out there, here is a better question: "why?" Not to sound like a sarcastic jerk, and I am passing no judgements, I am just curious (should anyone care to answer), what inclines you to consume media content?

Just curious

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