As I mentioned [in my last blog post](, I am trying to rekindle my appreciation for photography. So, I will snap a couple (or more?) photos per day, and write something about them.nnHere are a couple photos for today:nn![]( Organic oranges. Five of them, to be exact. I bought them at Schnucks (four pound bag), and the flavor difference between organic oranges vs non-organic oranges seems to be night and day. These things taste like orange-flavored Starburst and are off-the-wall delicious! nn![]( remote. Chromecast with Google TV has a remote control included in the package. I got it for Xmas. I rarely use the Chromecast, as it doesn’t work well (at all) with my tethering application. But I will get it going soon. The remote has a button for YouTube and Netflix (which is where most people spend their time, I am sure), and a very rigid UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT button on top. The remote, with batteries, is very lightweight, but almost *too* lightweight. So it’s rather cheap feeling. But, if one has a dedicated home theater receiver, they can route the volume controls to the remote, so that is nice.nnThose are two photos of the day. More tomorrow? More later? Let’s see!

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