My world, my snaps, here are some some from recent days…nn![]( quick smoke break before sunrise outside of a Quality Inn in a bumfuck town in North Dakota. The coffee was via the lobby (free, bold, tasty – from what I remember), and the cig was a Marlboro Red that I had spoiled myself with from a Sinclair gas station in town. Many photos from this “excursion” will likely not be shared (here or anywhere), because there are too many that are too varied and obscure to say a lot about.nn![]( gear for the “excursion” that I was on. A 33 Liter backpack with everything I needed (for the most part) for a Western United States Amtrak tour which was *supposed* to be brief and relatively non-eventful, and just deliver me to my location in a day and a half. The entirety of the travel time totaled eight days and I never made it to the destination, and began a long/arduous journey back to STL starting from White Fish, Montana, outside of Glacier National Park. Crazy times.nnMore, different, random, recent snaps coming soon. Thanks for checking it out 🙂

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