More snaps from my world…nn![]( paper. In a (mostly) blank notebook. I have appointments and other jots on a single paper at the very beginning of this notebook, but 99.99% of it is blank. It’s a small, spiralbound thing from Dollar Tree. Other/better notebooks exist, as do Cross refillable pens, and lots of other clever ephemera that could “make me better at writing”, but, no. A keyboard and consistency does that (maybe? sometimes?). Handwriting is not my bag, at the moment.nn![]( pipe cleaner. To clean tobacco pipes with. I have a lot of them. Because I smoke a tobacco pipe. This one is by Dills, and they are probably the most trusted/reliable in the pipe cleaning world (at least from what I’ve seen on YouTube – probably the largest consortium of pipe smokers online, from what I can tell).nnThat does it for the day’s snaps. Hope you enjoyed 🙂

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