I’m noticing that things on the Web in 2021 (and before) are more or less exercises in psychology, ideology, and theory, rather than common sense, value(s), and fact.nnSuch as any/all “Web3” content (so, like, Bitcoin, NFTs, blockchain, etc.): they are more or less creating a theory (which it always has been and always will be a theory – until something *proven* can come of it, it is a theoretical *belief*) that -nnA) Bitcoin has a store of valuennB) blockchain has a store of recordnnC) NFTs have a proof of ownershipnnetc.nn…but, they are ALL, in fact, theoretical entities. What’s **real** and what is **genuine** cannot be either of those things until there is a critical mass of (usually obvious, common sense) consensus (amongst people) that a *thing* is true. And even then, knowing that a thing is true, doesn’t make it a tangible item nor element in and of itself – it’s just agreed on by one person, or many people, that “yea, such and such is so and so, because…we said so”. And this works ok for things like an opinion on the quality of a song (e.g “does this song sound good, or not”) – because that is almost always inconsequential. nnMoney, records/ledgers, things that can be considered *in possession*, or *belonging to*, an individual – those carry with them immense consequences. Courts, governments, nearly all laws written, and even societal etiquette take into account these matters.nnExample: I can’t just go and trespass on my neighbor’s front lawn. He/she/they **own** that property. There was money exchanged to prove (on record) that they have ownership of that property. It’s enforceable *by* law (with consequence) that I be removed from that property if the owner chooses so. nnSo, what it boils down to (essentially) is that the entirety of (the) Web3 narrative, is a **psychological** discussion on “what the meaning of is, is” (which was a different discussion Americans had at a different time, with a different meaning). nnThat’s how I see things, anyway.nn

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