An ongoing series where I am trying to get more “used to” and comfortable with, taking random photos of random things around the house (and elsewhere) with my phone’s camera. Here are today’s snaps:nn![]( Coleman one-person cookpot. A fine piece of (camp)kitchen kit, which was given to me in 2010, and apparently already had some years on it by that point. I use it every. single. day. for making single-serving, instant coffee, and this has been in daily/everyday use since 2010. Great thing. nn![]( disposable lighter. I prefer Bic lighters, and that is all I will buy, but, this was tossed into a shopping bag for free by the gas station clerk at BP when I purchased two cartons of Edgefield non-filter cigarettes. That is usually the case: you buy a carton, you get a free/cheap lighter with them. Never a Bic, though :/nnAnd that’s what I got. Hope everyone is well.

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