![]( is the electric fireplace coupled with the two floor tiles I got from the ‘rents. It legit looks like it is *part* of the apartment, but no modifications were made to the floor (of course). I like it, looks home-y/warm.nnNow, I sip a Mt Dew Live Wire, wait for the sun to set and for more rain to fall, and write stuff on the bloggo for the rest of the eve (probably).nnSo what to do, between now and early-December?nnWell, that’s when dev stuff will pick up again (right where I left off), and that is when I will start to become busy once more, but until then, I basically have nothing better to do but write ish out here on **TMO** and perhaps correspond with some people through e-mail and on occassion IRL. Thanksgiving is happening between now and December, and that will be held at my niece’s house, no clue if I am going, though. They don’t like smoking on or around their property, and I don’t see myself consuming an entire (vegetarian) Thanksgiving meal and not having a smoke afterwards. I didn’t go last year, because COVID was in full-swing, and just as I predicted, everyone who DID go to that particular event got COVID. I am just going to say I’m sick or something and skip out on it. Not a whole hell of a lot for me to do there, anyway. Xmas I will be present for (Xmas Day, that is), but I don’t want to hang with a bunch of strangers for Thanksgiving (as numerous people will be at this particular function that I am not even on a first name basis with).nnHolidays alone are usually OK with me. ANY time alone is usually OK with me. Last year, Xmas Day meant a group Skype call that kept going bonkers and no one barely got a word in edgewise over all the stuttering and connectivity BS. Again, I’ll be there for Xmas, not Thanksgiving.nnAnyway, all is good in my neck of the woods. Leg is mending (still), and I will continue to trudge on. Back later.

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